Digital Lockers to the rescue!

Can't buy stuff online because you don't have street address? Well Hello Mojo's Digital Lockers are the perfect solution to your problem.


Our digital lockers are situated at most PRASA run train stations and engine garages to increase accessibility to all.

Mojo Mall

All of our lockers are linked to our Mojo Mall application and be pre booked by you user anytime you need to. 

Payment Options

The Hello Mojo Digital locker systems allow the user to pay on site with snap scan, QR code payments which can all be done via the Mojo Mall application. 

On site purchasing

Each locker is equipped with a smart poster which allows the user to purchase a product of their choice by snapping the image / QR of the product that they have selected. This will then initialize the Mojo Mall application and place the order for you.

How it all works.

Below is diagram explaining the entire process occurs with regards to the digital locker system.

All Lockers are contact less payment integrated.

Want to find out more? 

Select the button below to download a brochure on our Digital Lockers.